What Pokémon Go can teach us about email marketing
Through cross-channel integration, email can harness the power of personalisation. Just as Pokémon Go has done with its responsive and immersive platform, email can truly drive the user experience. When marketers send out an email, they can include a link to an app or platform that will allow customers to make use of AR technology that draws from their preferences, location and demographic data — delivering an experience unique to them. Say the customer has a birthday or anniversary coming up. Brands can send triggered emails that integrate AR and deliver a customised template, such as a digital birthday “party” complete with a virtual cake and balloons. If this sounds foreign, remember that Snapchat already does this to some extent. And this can work for almost any vertical:
• Automotive: The automotive industry was an early adopter of AR technology. Brands like Ford, Volkswagen and MINI have co-opted the technology in various ways, such as giving viewers a 3-D tour of a new car, complete with specs, dimensions, design and all. With a successful cross-channel distribution program, carmakers could implement trigger campaigns that target consumers on the hunt for a new car and offer them a 360 AR-enabled tour of the cars they have researched online — perhaps right in their own driveway. • Retail: Retailers, on the other hand, could develop an app that enables the user’s camera to scan the surrounding area and “place” products within their environment. Instead of an abandoned cart email reminding the user of the coat waiting in their online shopping cart, the app can offer them the ability to try it on via AR, and perhaps even offer them a discount if they end up buying. This could work for household goods, too. Think furniture and decorations: couches, dining room tables, paintings, or even wallpaper. Consumers can truly visualize and experience the products they are about to buy. • Travel and tourism: And for the travel and tourism industry, users from colder climates could find their snowy surroundings suddenly superimposed with a tropical beach. Or perhaps users considering a trip to the city could glimpse the New York skyline just ahead on the horizon.  The possibilities are endless.
If Pokémon Go’s meteoric success and mass appeal have taught us anything, it’s that consumers not only respond well to the immersive and personalized nature of AR, they are eager for it. This has opened up a window of vast opportunity for email marketers — the chance to engage customers when, where and how they want it most. By integrating individual user data and utilizing the right combination of trigger campaigns, email marketing can do more than simply inform or entertain; it can create a unique experience for consumers, enriching their lives at the touch of a button. Source: http://marketingland.com/pokemon-go-can-teach-us-email-marketing-187301