We Are Growing and Just Moved Office!!!
We’ve Moved! We’re excited to announce that we’ve moved to a new HQ a stone’s throw from London Bridge, at the bottom of Bermondsey Street! For several happy, productive years in our old office, we’ve been evolving as a company and the time was right to find a new base that suits the level of our work, our clients and our ambition. In that sense the move is an enjoyable materialisation of the strides we’ve been making as a Digital Agency, and a clear milestone in the Finer Vision timeline. With the space branded up, music system hooked up and a whole bunch of shiny new tech dotted around the studio, Finer Vision 2.0 is ready to kick off. Here are some reasons that we’re extra enthusiastic about the move:
  1. A place to showcase our work. We’ve been building up quite the collection of case studies over the years, in all kinds of formats for all kinds of brands. Ironically, building up a deep body of work has brought with it a new challenge that we needed to work through: “how on earth do we show it all properly”? We now have a clear open space in the studio for the perfect show and tell. We have screens from 15” through to 65”, iPads of all shapes and sizes and a comfy viewing gallery so we have the perfect platform for clients to see old projects or the progress of current ones. It also helps with R&D!
  2. Room to grow and accommodate more business. Having more space is a deliberate sign of our intent to continue growing. We’ve already added a couple of new faces to the team and we still have loads of space to sprawl into, slowly but surely. We’ve been winning some really interesting work over a number of months, and more work means more hands on deck. More space means we can facilitate this growth and keep that upward spiral gowing.
  3. Working in a good-looking space.  It’s nice to have a new, clear space we can all be proud of. It may sound shallow, but I believe that your mindset is often reflective of the environment you exist in, and vice versa. A cool, tidy, professional space provides a setting more conducive to cool, tidy, professional work. Our last office was tranquil and unassuming - for all intents and purposes it did a fine job, but now we’ve got a space we’re really proud of to get the creative juices flowing.
  4. A great part of town to be in. Bermondsey Street is the only street that I’ve ever heard  bestowed with the accolade of “favourite street in London” by multiple people, in completely separate conversations. Clients and friends have expressed genuine fondness for this particular road when I’ve mentioned the move in passing. I think it’s because there’s a peaceful, understated class to it but there’s also loads of places to potter, admire, shop for your bits, and gorge. I can see the Woolpack becoming a particular watering hole for us. There’s a vibe around the place that you’re in the mixer, not far from the action, but without selling out, just tucked away from the chaos. Also there are loads of dogs.
It’s encouraging to see a physical upgrade on your working day. All the hard work, late nights and thorough projects have reaped an obvious reward in the form of sparkly new office. We’re thankful to everyone we’ve worked with to support the Finer Vision quest for world domination... well, world domination might be a bit strong... Let’s start with getting back to what we do best and push some cool new projects through the studio. If you’re in the area feel free to drop by and say hello, and you can help us start to make use of the fully stocked fridge.