Top Trends to Watch out for in 2014
2014-03-25 08:19:15
First on Scene brings our readers an exclusive look at distinctive cultural events and ideas, supported by the Smirnoff Mixhibit app available for iOS and Android. This week, PSFK looks ahead to six key trends for 2014. Check out our Mixhibit and share your own Mixhibit using #PSFKonScene for a chance to win a PSFK Party Pack. As we prepare for the exciting changes in store for 2014, PSFK plays prognosticator, giving our readers a sneak peek into the key ideas that will help define our lifestyles and successes in the year ahead. From more intimate relationships with our devices to the need to rapidly adapt to change, we shed light on six important trends that will dominate the landscape in the coming months. The growth of mobile and wearable devices has empowered us to track more of our individual health metrics from activity and sleep to diet, giving birth to the Quantified Self movement. But as we look for more ways to improve our lives, we are moving beyond the minutiae to take a bigger picture view of the factors that impact our overall well-being. Environmental and emotional cues will drive more of this Holistic Health conversation as we begin to understand how less tangible elements like air, noise, lighting and stress influence the quality of our lives. Watch for connected home technologies and personal devices like the PIP biosensor and the iwaku lamp that enable us to monitor and control more of these aspects as we move throughout our days, ensuring our happiness and comfort at all times.   Smirnoff-Top-Trends-2014 Alongside this broader view of wellness we’ll experience an evolution in our relationship to technology, both in its form and function. Driven by smaller and more powerful chips, advanced sensors and longer battery life, our devices are becoming infinitely more personal and streamlined. As our PCs move from our desktops to our pockets and wrists and eventually into our clothing and even embedded within our bodies, we can expect a growing Tech Intimacy that sees our devices more seamlessly integrated into different aspects of our lives. This shift will not only impact health and fitness, but communication, work and entertainment as well. How about atooth-embedded sensor that tells your dentist just how much candy you’ve really been eating or a pair of implantable headphones that give you the power to echolocate. As we get closer with our technology, it will begin to learn more about our habits and behaviors, treating each of us as a distinct individual. Taken alongside contextual information like location, time and weather, and even knowledge about what other devices or people are in the room, we’ll see Responsive Systems that are able to anticipate and even predict our needs and react with relevant actions. This ambient awareness and intelligence on the part of our technologies will contribute to a more tailored set of experiences that connect the disparate aspects of our life from home to work to play. Which means, you’ll no longer need to search for a song that suits your current mood or remember to stop slouching because your headphones will already have chosen the perfect playlist and your Lumoback sensor will keep your posture straight.   Smirnoff-Top-Trends-2014-Lumbar   The explosion of connected technologies and our growing interactions with them through online, mobile and social services, will prompt a relative increase in the amount of data available about our individual actions and preferences. When taken together, these statistics offer a compelling and valuable portrait about each and every one of us that can be leveraged by individuals and entire companies to their own advantage, raising renewed concerns around personal privacy, security and access. As this information becomes a commodity for exchange in the open marketplace, the conversation around Data Ownership will be an important and necessary debate. We are no longer simply passive users, but active architects and authors who have the ability to shape our respective digital futures by doing more with our own data, and services like the Human API will become essential component to driving this shift. Recognizing the realities of this new dynamic that will see a leveling of the playing field and a corresponding rise of a class of consumers who have the desire to be heard and involved, companies will start to change the way that they listen and respond. In this new model of Collaborative Business, top down edicts will transform into two-way dialogues, as walled gardens give way to open source assets, enabling us to shape the products and services that we will engage with and buy. Initiatives like the Nike+ Fuel Lab and Neighborland are soliciting input and encouraging participation from the wider community.   Smirnoff-Top-Trends-2014-Quirky-Helmet   By bringing customers into the conversation, organizations become more aware of the needs of their audience, but change can’t be internalized and acted upon without having nimble processes in place. Essential Adaptivity will become a necessity as people and companies look to achieve sustained success. Long-term marketing campaigns and innovation pipelines will be replaced by more iterative practices that can keep pace with and even get in front of a news cycle and marketplace that updates in real-time. Deep Focus’ Moment Studio and Quirky’s state-of-the-art design lab showcase the infrastructure needed to rapidly bring fresh ideas to life. These trends should help keep you on the cutting edge throughout 2014.!xBbvv